Welcome to the Early Childhood Education Online Service

The online service enables a family to apply for a new daycare place, to register a child for preschool /kindergarten education and to apply for a place in an after-school club.
Applications for preschool/kindergarten child supplementary daycare and notification of preschool/kindergarten schooling should be filled in "Esiopetukseen ilmoittautuminen" "Registration for Preschool/Kindergarten".
If a child needs supplementary daycare (before and/or after the preschool/kindergarten educational session), the application is on page five (5).
Application forms for Open/Drop-in daycare activities can be found in all early childhood education centres  (no e-applications available).
Applications for municipal day care must be submitted no later than four (4) months before the care is hoped to begin. If the need for care due to work or studies cannot be anticipated, an application for a daycare place needs to be submitted no later than two (2) weeks before the need for care begins. In urgent cases contact your local Early Childhood Education Centre or Family Care Manager.  (http://www.pori.fi/kasvatus-ja-koulutus/varhaiskasvatus)
A family can make two requests in order of preference regarding the location of daycare.
Fill in one application per child.
One can estimate the cost of the fee for daycare by means of the free calculator on page two (2).
If parents don't consent to the highest daycare fee, they should submit an income statement form to their child's day care centre.  Fees that the calculator delivers are based on the law pertaining to social welfare and health care customer fees.
Consent to the highest daycare fee can be found on page five (5) under "lisätieto".
When filling in the daycare application, read the instructions and additional information under the question mark (?).
The city maintains a client register of early childhood education services. The register description is available to the public at the Office of Education.
Available services:
  • application for municipal daycare
  • fee calculator
  • registration for preschool/kindergarten education
  • application for after-school activities
Daycare fee calculator

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